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Giúp doanh nghiệp kiểm soát được dữ liệu thiết kế, cải tiến đáng kể cách thức quản lý và làm việc nhóm trong việc phát triển sản phẩm.

Tại sao chọn mua SOLIDWORKS PDM?

SOLIDWORKS PDM giúp bạn quản lý các tệp dữ liệu và tài liệu của bạn để tối đa hóa năng suất và cải thiện chất lượng sản phẩm, cho phép bạn lưu trữ và thiết kế dữ liệu một cách an toàn để phục hồi nhanh, loại bỏ các vấn đề về kiểm soát phiên bản và mất dữ liệu,chia sẻ và cộng tác về thiết kế với người bên ngoài và tổ chức ở nhiều địa điểm, tạo quy trình công việc điện tử, quản lý và tối ưu hóa quy trình phát triển, phê duyệt tài liệu và quy trình thay đổi kỹ thuật.

So sánh các phiên bản SOLIDWORKS PDM

Giải pháp quản lý dữ liệu lý tưởng áp dụng cho khách hàng đơn lẻ với việc dễ dàng sử dụng và nâng cấp lên phiên bản SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional khi có nhu cầu thay đổi. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard dùng Microsoft® SQL Server Express. Giải pháp quản lý dữ liệu đầy đủ tính năng cho các tổ chức lớn và nhỏ. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional giúp nhóm dễ dàng tìm và sửa lại các tệp, bộ phận và bản vẽ; chia sẻ thông tin thiết kế; tự động hóa luồng công việc và đảm bảo sản xuất luôn có phiên bản phù hợp. Công cụ nâng cao, hệ thống quản lý dữ liệu dựa trên bản ghi mở rộng việc quản lý tập tin toàn cầu và tích hợp ứng dụng được kích hoạt bởi SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional bao gồm một tập hợp các khả năng toàn diện mà bạn có thể sử dụng và phân phối cho nhiều lĩnh vực trong doanh nghiệp của mình.
File Management
Manage and control all your product development data. With SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can create and maintain a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users to store and retrieve files. SOLIDWORKS PDM manages all file references and automatically updates them whenever you move a file to a different folder or rename it, eliminating broken references or the time required to locate and fix lost references manually.
Design and Reuse
Quickly locate and reuse existing design data to save time and control costs. You can create a framework for quickly locating and reusing or repurposing existing design data. Instead of spending time trying to find prior designs on shared drives or local workstations—or recreating designs when you can’t find them—you can use SOLIDWORKS PDM tools to locate them quickly.
Revision Management
Track design changes and avoid the errors of manual methods. Track changes and maintain a complete revision history of a design’s evolution.
Secure File Vaulting
Establish a secure file vault to control access to sensitive or proprietary product information. With SOLIDWORKS PDM, you can create and maintain a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users to store and retrieve files. With SOLIDWORKS PDM products, data is kept secure, up-to-date, and accessible. The system eliminates duplicate work and delays, while saving time and development costs. Easily establish and assign individual and/or group user rights. Graphically represent the product development process through an easy-to-use flowchart interface in SOLIDWORKS PDM products.
Revision Control
Ensure you are always working with the “right version” of a design by using the revision and version control capabilities. Customize file naming and revision control schemes, maintain document history, and easily manage document versions to avoid the costly manufacturing errors associated with working with the wrong revision.
Audit Trail
Maintain a complete history of your product design, engineering, and development activities for reporting and auditing purposes.
Integrated Search
Save time and reduce development costs through design reuse by quickly finding needed data across a range of file types using the powerful searching tools PDM offers. You can quickly perform file content searches on multiple data types (such as CAD files, Microsoft Word documents, Excel® spreadsheets, Outlook® emails, and image files) and locate documents using a range of search criteria (including name, date, metadata, and workflow status).
eDrawings Preview
View eDrawings®, SOLIDWORKS, and AutoCAD® documents in eDrawings inside SOLIDWORKS PDM.
Engineering Change Management
Reduce the time to complete your design approval and Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes. Graphically represent the product development process through an easy-to-use flowchart interface. Engineering change documentation and change approvals become completely electronic with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.
Bill of Materials Management
Maintain, manipulate, and leverage Bill of Materials (BOM) information to support downstream applications and systems. Create individual BOM objects from existing CAD file structures that automatically update in parallel with the evolution of the CAD model, eliminating the frequent manual updates required when using spreadsheets. Connect your CAD data with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems, enabling you to easily update BOM information in other businesses enterprise systems. Use customizable templates to display BOM information in multiple formats or to format BOM information to meet the needs of a user or group.
Regulatory Compliance
Facilitate compliance with government regulatory requirements and industry standards. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can bolster compliance for several types of regulatory requirements, such as FDA, RoHS, ISO 9001 and 14000, ANSI, and others.
Distributed Collaboration
Collaborate throughout your organization while keeping people connected, current, and working on the same set of data. Create and maintain a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users worldwide to store and retrieve files. Configure the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional system to automatically notify users when documents have progressed through various states or stages in the electronic workflow you establish. Automatically create many types of neutral file formats from SOLIDWORKS and other file types.
Enterprise Scalability
Connect the design data needs of your entire enterprise. Create and maintain a single data location and vault that can be accessed by users worldwide to store and retrieve files. In addition to preserving a secure backup of product design data, secure file vaulting eliminates multiple “silos” of information, duplicate files, and unsynchronized revisions. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional software includes tools that enable you to configure and customize many aspects of your PDM system to match the specific needs of organizations of all sizes.
Advanced Search and Favorites
Save and share search criteria as “favorites”, providing you with instant access to common searches.
Multi-Document Preview
View multiple documents in the Preview window.
Easily connect the design data needs of your entire enterprise, whether for just a few users in a single location or hundreds of contributors working in multiple locations. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional provides one convenient, vaulted location where colleagues can store and retrieve data. Efficient file storage and retrieval enables millions of files to be managed.
Automated Neutral File Creation
Save time and effort communicating by configuring SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to automatically create neutral file formats.
Custom Configuration
Map variables to both predefined properties (such as Title and Author) and custom named properties in SOLIDWORKS files. If a SOLIDWORKS file contains configurations, the configuration names appear as tabs in the datacard. Configuration-specific values are shown in the corresponding tab.
Automated Data Import and Export
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can import variable values from an XML file into a vault database. In the vault, existing files or items that match import criteria acquire the values at specified points in the file workflow. Create an export rule to export SOLIDWORKS PDM BOM variables that can be read into ERP systems.
Serial Number Generators
Use serial numbers to assign automatic names to files and folders, to assign unique IDs to items, or to add unique running values to card controls. You can set up any number of serial numbers in each vault. Item Number serial numbers are defined by default to generate unique item IDs.
Distributed Design Teams
SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional provides the tools and capabilities that your enterprise needs to keep people connected, up-todate, and working on the same set of data, regardless of location. This global connectivity supports the distributed collaboration that is essential for compressing engineering cycles and accelerating time-to-market.
Remote Access
Enable staff and partners to contribute through web-enabled portals from various connected devices including smartphones and tablets.
Linear Static Automated Approval Process
Automatically facilitate multiple required approvers with parallel transitions.
Email Notifications
A SOLIDWORKS PDM Notification can be added from the Local Vault so that the logged-in user will receive an email message when a predefined event occurs in a file or folder.
Project Management
Provide critical information to help teams focus on important tasks, and provide an overview of resource capacity for better planning and utilization. Manage project stages, timelines, and milestones along with resource utilization and capacity. Utilize user tasks and timesheets to automatically track progress.
Process Management
Streamline business processes, automate document creation and bring together all involved stakeholders for new products, from sales and marketing to production and support. Configure states and decision points for all types of business processes such as Engineering Change Requests (ECR), Orders (ECO) and Notices (ECN), transmittals and approvals.
Item Management
Create, edit and compare complete bills of materials (BOM) by associating items, files and free text. Manage product variations for different use cases and applications. Drive SOLIDWORKS drawing bill of materials and item numbers directly from system data.
User Tasks
Provide users with the knowledge they need to work more effectively by utilizing tasks and calendars.
Dashboards and Reports
Create and distribute interactive graphical dashboards to display critical information. Display continually updating dashboards on community monitors. Configure reports to company standards and publish automatically or on demand.
Microsoft Outlook® Integration
Create new records, like Cases, from Microsoft Outlook® emails based on information in the email including attachments. Copy emails to existing records for reference.
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