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1. Assembly

• Optimize resolved mode automatically by selectively using lightweight technology when you load components in resolved mode.
• Be more productive with the ability to save large assemblies faster.
• Speed up your downstream processes by exporting assembly components as separate STEP files.





Benefits: Work faster with large assemblies through automated, smarter assembly management.

2. Assembly Workflows

• Ensure design integrity by automatically replacing lost mate references with alternative mate references including faces, edges, planes, axes, and points.
• Speed up assembly feature creation with new end conditions, including Up To Next, Up To Vertex, and more.
• Save more time when designing assemblies with the ability to suppress unneeded Magnetic Mates and Connection Points.





Benefits: Tăng tốc thiết kế lắp ráp với quy trình lắp ráp được sắp xếp hợp lý.

3. Parts and Features

• Turbocharge the copying of bodies by controlling translation and rotation values with equations.
• Speed up part modeling by referencing coordinate systems in 3D sketches, 2D sketch dimensions, and mirroring.
• Create wrap features from sketches that use single-line fonts, also known as stick fonts.





Benefits: Create part geometry faster with multi-body modeling improvements and more extensive use of coordinate systems.

4. Sheet Metal

• Equalize bend radius values more easily by applying symmetric thickness with the Base Flange or Lofted Bend features.
• Include the sheet metal gauge value in annotations and cut lists.
• Receive automatic sensor alerts when you exceed the sheet metal bounding box size limits.





Benefits: Speed up sheet metal design while improving communication with manufacturing.

5. Drawings and Detailing

• Ensure standardization by limiting geometric tolerances to a specific standard with the Enable/Disable options.
• Identify overridden values in a BOM table more easily with values turning blue when overridden.
• Display transparent models in drawings with Hidden Lines Removed (HLR) and Hidden Lines Visible (HLV) modes.





Benefits: Create drawings that represent designs more accurately, and ensure standardization by limiting geometric tolerances to a specific standard

6. Structure Design

  • Group similar corners and apply trimming, then automatically apply connection plates, with the new Pattern
  • Select a set of weldment members of the same size and type, and change their size for specific
  • Zoom to a selected corner from the FeatureManager® design tree or the Corner Management





Benefits: Build and modify more complex structures easily with the streamlined user experience.

7. Electrical Routing

  • Create splices with multiple circuits to which wires or cable cores are
  • Visualize your harnesses segment clearly by viewing its graphical cross
  • Improve electrical routing design by reorienting the connectors to be parallel to a selected





Benefits: Create more informative electrical documentation faster while reducing errors.

8. Electrical Design 

  • Include report tables such as BOM and wire lists in any electrical project
  • Display connection information about a component in a label that you can dynamically insert into
  • Create better schematics automatically from electrical data in MS® Excel






Benefits: Create more informative electrical documentation faster while reducing errors.

9. Model-Based Definition (MBD)* 

  • View component dimensions in 3D PDF files, including feature dimensions, reference dimensions, and DimXpert™
  • Detail wedge-shaped features faster with expanded feature





Benefits: Communicate your design more clearly in 3D with the ability to view all dimensions in the assembly.

10. SOLIDWORKS Visualize* 

  • Produce photo-realistic renderings with the Stellar Physically Correct renderer, providing Deep Learning AI Denoiser for optimal rendering
  • Define colors in more ways with the Color Picker and the color swatch
  • In Preview render mode, see the display improvements of Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials and

*This is a separate product.





Benefits: Experience better real-life rendering in Preview render mode, as well as improved rendering performance and easier ways to define colors.

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