You are the FIRST person experiencing SOLIDWORKS 2019 in Viet Nam in the center of any provinces near you!



On some first days of October, SOLID & SOFT and SOLIDWORKS Dassault Systemes are expected to hold the biggest event of the year to introduce new capabilities. SOLIDWORKS 2019 helps you to get your bussiness and engineers going from design to manufacture faster, reduce costs, meet customer demand and optimize design.


This is the first time that a series of events has been held on 3rd, 4th, 5th October in the center of the industrial zone. And the first time also, SOLIDWORKS users in Ho Chi Minh, Long An, Dong Nai have the opportunity to experience the most unique event series  - SOLID&SOFT SOLIDWORKS 2019 - PROVEN DESIGN TO MANUFACTURE SOLUTION.

Especially, it is also the FIRST time SOLID & SOFT will be join with SOLIDWORKS users in HA NOI. This special event will be taken place from 2pm - 5pm in MTA - 91 Tran Hung Dao Street, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi .banner_HaNoi 






This is a big event that is going to take place in October every year of SOLIDWORKS, held in every corner of the world. SOLIDWORKS INNOVATION DAY 2019 with the participation of SOLIDWORK experts in domestic or foreign country will bring hundreds of new enhancements to users, which has many new and exciting themes for customers.

  • Design to Manufacture – Go from concept to manufactured parts even faster 
  • Modeling and Drawings: Powerful enhancements to improve your design and detailing experience
  • Performance: Faster large assembly design, rendering and collaboration
  • New Technology: Increased productivity when using the latest Touch - enabled devices
  • Collaboration: Smart tools make it easier to collaborate with partners and suppliers
  • Particularly, you can earn from the success story of using SOLIDWORKS developed on 3D SOLIDWORKS platform, making the design easier than ever, friendly and faster than engineer.



With the impressive venue, SOLID & SOFT that focuses only SOLIDWORKS guarantees bring the best service and value to customers. Join with us to be the FIRST person to experience the new SOLDIWORKS 2019 product. 

Don't miss the chance by registering for the link: ""



Please contact us for detail

- Head office SOLID & SOFT, R4-65 Hưng Phước 2, phường Tân Phong, quận 7, Tp.HCM

- Tel

  • Ho Chi Minh: (028) 7305 2255
  • Ha Noi (024) 6655 3128




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